A Guide to the Most Important Influencer Marketing Strategies

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A Guide to the Most Important Influencer Marketing Strategies

The best influencer marketing strategies are based on some basic elements that need to be considered. Potential key influencers need to be identified, as well as the people under their influence, and the main focus should be on building a relationship between them. It is also necessary to be consistent in the use of the most important influencer marketing strategies.

The following steps are of critical importance in setting up some solid strategies that will work for any type of business.

  1. Idenfity the Target Audience

There is a specific audience you need to identify and keep in mind. These are the people who are most likely to feel a need for purchasing the products or services your business can provide.

It is worth using metrics to discover what is generating the most clicks to your links and the type of people who are using your content. By creating a typical customer persona you can get a feel for the type of person your influencer marketing strategies need to target.

  1. Find Out Who Has the Most Influence

The best way to find influencers for your audience is by examining your typical customer’s preferred social platforms and seeing what they like to share. Identify the sort of content that most of them are viewing and liking. View the social media profiles of any bloggers, authors or social commentators whose names keep showing up. Check out the quality of their content and look for more evidence of their power to persuade.

  1. Approach Some Key Influencers

Influential people obviously receive many requests and sending out an email is not usually enough to get them to associate with your business. You need to have something to offer in exchange for their help and must be able to show that you are credible and trustworthy.

You can gain the attention of influencers by connecting with them through social media and sharing their content with your followers. Use a hashtag with the name of the influencer or attach the @ symbol to their username so they will be able to see what you are doing. Tag appropriate blog posts with the name of an influencer when linking to any of their content and add your own comments to their online articles and blog posts.


The most effective way to form a relationship with an influencer is by meeting face to face. Many of them will regularly attend conferences and speak at events, so you should be able to find a suitable occasion when you can introduce yourself and speak to an influencer in person.

When an influencer knows who you are, that is the time to send an email asking if you can contribute some content for their website or blog. This will prove that you have knowledge of the industry or some connection with what that person is known for.

  1. Decide What Influencers Can Do for Your Brand

There are several ways for an influential person to help your business. What you ask for will depend on what you intend to achieve with your marketing strategy and who you are asking. Sometimes just being associated with an influencer will be enough to get your business noticed.

Here are a few ideas about what influencers can be asked to do:

  • Share your content in social media.
  • Retweet, G+1 or like your social media messages.
  • Mention your business name and link your content in articles they post online.
  • Allow you to write content for their high-traffic blogs and authority websites.
  1. Plan to Be Consistent

It is only possible to associate with influencers by being consistent in your interactions with them. Contribute regular content to their sites and keep on sharing their content. This will ensure that they continue to be of help to you.

You also need to be consistent in building your own authority online. Influencers have worked hard to get into a position of power and are unlikely to associate with anyone who does not have a strong presence in social media or who lacks a significant amount of content.

These five important steps all lead to the most effective influencer marketing strategies. Follow each of them for greater audience engagement and a better outcome for your business.

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5 Flowers and Their Symbolic Meaning

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Have you ever wanted to give away flowers for a present, but spent significant time wondering whether the type or the color of the flower is appropriate? Well, have no fear anymore! Here are some basics on the type of flowers and their symbolic meaning, which will help you choose the appropriate flowers for the next occasion when you will give flowers as a present.

  1. Roses

Roses signify love; however the color of the rose changes its symbolism. Red roses are used to express love and respect, but also passion and congratulations. If you give someone white roses they will signify the heavenly purity and innocence and youth, sometimes white roses can also be a symbol of silence, secrecy and humility. Pink roses express appreciation, admiration and grace; whereas yellow roses are a symbol of friendship, delight, joy and jealousy even. When you give someone red and white roses they signify unity.1088524-red-rose-on-silk

  1. Peonies

Peony is a beautiful and romantic flower with full, rounded bloom which signifies riches and honor. Supposedly, peony brings prosperity and happiness in marriage and fortune in romance. Peony also symbolizes bashfulness, compassion and shame; some legends say that nymphs are hiding from humans in these magnificent flowers. Peonies are often white, pink and red, sometimes they are solid in color and sometimes they have a combination of colors.

  1. Tulips

Tulips come in a variety of colors which symbolize different things, but for the most part they are used to declare love and devotion. This beautiful flower originates in Persia and is a part of Islamic culture and a symbol which is often used in Islamic culture. Pink tulips are a symbol of attachment, and are appropriate as a present for a friend or a family member, as a symbol of caring but not romantic love. With red tulips you declare romantic love and devotion, whereas the red color symbolizes burning with desire. White tulips are often a great wedding flower and are sent as a symbol of apology, but also innocence. Yellow tulips symbolize hopeless love, but also brightness and happiness.Tulips-tulips-28594078-1920-1200

  1. Orchids

Orchid is an exotic flower which represents rare and delicate beauty. This flower is unique and makes a lasting impression as a present. Orchids can be blue, white, pink, yellow, lavender and purple and for the most part they symbolize feelings of love and friendship. Yellow orchids symbolize new beginnings and friendship, whereas blue orchids symbolize rarity and spirituality. Lavender orchids are a symbol of grace and elegance, and pink orchids are a symbol of joy, innocence and happiness. White orchids are a symbol of innocence, elegance and beauty, which are often given to a person who is dear to you.orchid-stem

  1. Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies also come in various colors and have uniquely large blooms, which are beautiful and cheerful. Gerbera daisies symbolize beauty and innocence, as well as cheerfulness and happiness. Red gerbera daisies will send a message of desire and passion, whereas yellow gerbera daisies mean you will try hard to earn someone’s love.

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